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Jak zamontować opony?

There are no translations available.Jak zamontować opony? W przypadku opon z rzeźbą bieżnika kierunkową (bieżnik układa się w kształt litery V) opona powinna być zamo [ ... ]

Klimatyzacja w zimie

There are no translations available.Zaleca się uruchamianie klimatyzacji w aucie również zimą. Ze względu na sprawne działanie klimatyzacji, powinno się ją uruchamiać ch [ ... ]

Wszystkie aktualności

Technical condition of the car



Service of tyres

The service of tyres Wulkanex is opened 24 hours a day through 365 days of the year. Wulkanex owns a few posts to service personal cars the delivering ones as well as those like lorries agricultural and industrial . Our mechanics come through the trainings not only the internal ones , but also in the specialist training Centers .Thanks to that they can advise competently.

The Service of tires is performing its service In the range

  • Vulcanization of tires
  • Assembly and dismantling personal tires also in sizes of 19, 20 inches as well as the type RunONFlat, delivering ones, for lorries and trucks, agricultural and industrial.
  • Weighing the usual wheels as well as those without the centering whole (through bolt wheels)
  • Straightening of aluminum wheels to 18 inches
  • Pumping up with nitrogen
  • Cutting ( deepening) of tire in lorry or truck wheels
  • Seasonal storage of tires in the specialist deposit
  • Utilization of tires and the batteries
  • Breakdown gang opened 24 hours a day it is the repair of tires out of the company