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Leopard z Mielca

There are no translations available.Leopard 6-litre Roadcaster to luksusowy samochód sportowy typu roadster, stworzony przez inżyniera Zbysława Szwaja w fabryce w Mielcu. Leopa [ ... ]

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There are no translations available.

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Technical condition of the car



Car wash

On 23rd of June 2009 Wulkanex has opened Car Wash active through 24 hours a day . Customers can use the non tactile system of car cleaning .The opened posts including one for the bigger vehicles special cleaning remedy and a simple way of use cause the customers who appreciate their time can in a quick and efficient way wash their vehicle. Using the experience of the Hyrdropress company Wulkanex is trying to fulfill the needs f its clients in much more complex way.

The Car Wash is not only for personal cars but also for the bigger ones for instance Trucks.